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Look no further

After being taken over the coals by other attorneys, and getting nowhere, a friend recommended John Gemelli. After sitting with John at a consultation, I knew he was the attorney that I needed. John is a straight shooter, no bs involved, tells it like it is. He and his entire staff kept me updated on all my questions and court dates. As my divorce proceedings were going on, I also heard from many people that John was one of the top divorce lawyers in Queens. THIS IS DEFINETLY TRUE!!! John and his staff are not in the business to take your money, they are in the business to do the right thing. I worked with John and Christine throughout the divorce. And they were great! John took the bull by the horns and settled my case within a year and a half. When John walks into the courtroom, you know that he will get things done. After all that I have been thru in my divorce, I trust John like a friend. So, as I said in my caption, look no further. Thanks John, you are the best!!

- (5 star review)

John has the solution to resolve miseries of all matrimonial displutes

I was having a very hard time getting my divorce case resolved and the Judge was constantly given a new complaint from the opposing side falsifying facts and manipulating every information they could at every appearance. Completely frustrated with this never ending misery I retained John. He knows his stuff so well that from the get go he knew what had to be done and within six months my case settled and all issues put to rest. He is well respected and most importantly the Judge on my case was willing to hear my side.
John has a great team behind him – David, Eva, Nancy. If someone is looking for a quick and just resolution to their matrimonial matter John is the solution. HIRE HIM. Thank you John, David and team.

- (5 star review)

BEST ATTORNEY! Highly Intelligent & Dedicated Lawyer on Your Side


The best decision I made during my divorce was hiring John Gemelli. As a father, John knows what fathers’ rights are and will fight for them.

Unfortunately, my ex-wife did not want to settle on joint custody which I thought was fair. After abandoning our kids for months at a time I fought for custody and John fought along side with me.

John knows the judicial system and everyone in the field. He is a kind man but do not think he will be the same in court. He is aggressive as he can be in court and surprises everyone how he gains control of the courtroom instantly.

- (5 star review)

Excellent Attorney

Mr Gemelli represented me in my divorce (custody support distribution) case. Mr Gemelli and his excellent staff worked extremely hard on my case. Mr Gemelli was able to delegate aspects of my case to his experienced staff and was able to keep me well informed of every aspect of the case during this difficult time.

At Trial Mr Gemelli presented the evidence and was able to Cross Examine my husband about our children and finances. Mr Gemelli was prepared and argued my case with passion and zeal.

While John does not have the best bedside manner, his staff and knowledgeable Assiciates were able to assist me in the most difficult times of my life.

My end result was well over 70% of the reported marital assets. I would not have gotten such fantastic representation anywhere else. Thank you Mr Gemelli!!

- (5 star review)

There aren’t enough stars above to describe him – HIRE JOHN GEMELLI

My attorney passed away three weeks before my divorce trial after 4 years of waiting. My soon to be ex wanted life time maintenance and then 10 years. My friend referred me to John, All I can say is that if John was my attorney from the beginning I would have been divorced that much sooner. He is extremely knowledgeable in matrimonial litigation. He is a tough as nails negotiator and a great court litigator, whom I saw that my Judge greatly respected. He also has a real office behind him; great associates and Eva his paralegal. The office pulled out all the stops to get up to speed in a short period of time, and John got my case settled for 40% of the term for a lot less per year than defendant wanted in maintenance, with no additional financial obligations to me. A win-win. But make no mistake, if the case did not settle for what John felt was fair, he was ready to and would have tried it and I had faith in him doing so. John and his staff were also in constant communication with me. IF YOU NEED A DIVORCE LAWYER —- HIRE JOHN A. GEMELLI

- (5 star review)

Custody specialist

Mr Gemelli was the perfect lawyer for me. I needed an aggressive intelligent well versed on the law take control attorney. He was knowledgeable and forthright with me. I am extremely happy I retained him.

- (5 star review)

The “King of Queens”

After 28 years, I am finally divorced. I have John to thank for this. My case was going nowhere and he got it on track. He knows everyone in the Queens court system, and it helps. After trying to settle the case with my wife, unsuccessfully (not his fault, but my wife is possessed), we had to endure 14 days of trial over a period of two and a half years. John somehow got me through this, never loosing faith in my case. The final judgement was fair, although not all John and I had hoped for. Bottom line, I got what I needed. That is what matters. The “King of Queens” still reigns.

- (5 star review)








- (5 star review)

John Believes In You and Fights For Your Case

John came to me highly recommended by his peers who were especially impressed with his reputation and client commitment. I was not disappointed! Taking on an especially difficult case, John believed in my rights and was dedicated to proving my case to the court against challenging odds. At the end, John’s commitment and professional expertise resulted in a favorable court decision for me. Thanks John for keeping the faith and putting together a compelling case!

- (5 star review)

Post judgement buy out

Mr Gemelli is an intelligent attorney with a broad understanding of complex matters. His depth of legal knowledge makes him a great lawyer and person to have on your side. He is also compassionate to his clients and I highly recommend him.

- (5 star review)

Custody triumph

My daughter and myself were living a hellish exsistence. We had to get out. Wherever I went I was told that fathers, as a rule, don’t get residential custodianship. I met Mr. Gemelli and he vowed to figure it out. The next day, we were out of there. My daugter went from drama to tranquility, overnight. I’ll never forget it. She, now at the age of 22, graduated from university and I am glad.
Thankfully yours,

- (5 star review)

John Gemelli Excellent Lawyer

John Gemelli provided excellent legal services to me during a difficult divorce that involved both complex financial and family issues. Throughout the process Mr. Gemelli was always available and was very quick to reply to questions by both phone and e-mail. He was very knowledgeable and experienced in all areas of the divorce process. My divorce involved complex financial issues as well as difficult family problems including substance abuse. Mr. Gemelli was very aware of the emotional toll of dealing with substance abuse issues and was able to focus on the issues and resolve problems in a professional manner while always keeping the needs of the children as the top priority. Hiring Mr. Gemelli was the smartest thing I did during a very difficult time. I would highly recommend Mr. Gemelli to anyone going through a complex and difficult divorce.

- (5 star review)

Happy family man

Thank you Mr Gemelli for your help and guidance thur a hard time for my children and myself. I went into my divorce with no idea what to expect and no one close to tell me because most of friends and family are married. So when I say having John as my lawyer was more then I could have hoped for. I also know that divorce cost money and of course that what everyone talks about but at any point did I feel that money was the in the forefront. John is kind of man that you feel you are taking to one of you friends you can call him on his cell or text him and always get a response. His associates and his office staff was very helpful and pleasant. One last thing about John is that if you are getting divorced in Queens there is no better don’t have to take my word for it just go
to court house and see the mayor in action.
My case went on for 2 years because of the effects of hurricane Sandy but in the end John Gemelli got me keep my children and my home intact and I am grateful that from a bad situation had the best results for my family.
Would refer him to anyone but after all other options to keep it together failed.

- (5 star review)

The only lawyer you will need!!!!

Dear Friends In Need Of Legal Counsel,

I’d like to let you know about my experience with John Gemelli.  John came to me highly recommended through a good friend as a “Pit Bull” in the court room.  I of course, being the girl from CT assumed everyone played nice in the sandbox, and couldn’t be happier I hired John and his legal team to represent me.  Watching him in his element in court was like watching an Oscar nominated performance and sitting on the edge of your seat.   My ex played dirty from day one and my only concern is and was protecting my three children.  This legal team understood my concerns, listened to me cry (and yes brought me back to reality which I needed) , and assessed the situation and dealt with it.  Unfortunately, my other half would not settle so I was forced to go to trial for 8 days and at every turn John was prepared and took charge!  During this long process I ran into massive financial issues and John stuck with me through it all, and my children and i will be forever in his debt.

The process is just that, a process – it’s our legal system and nothing happens immediately. So yes, it gets frustrating, but in the end, hiring the proper legal team will protect you and your family.  That’s what John Gemelli did for me and will do for you.

- (5 star review)

Excellenence, Compasioniate, Trustworthy, Reliable, A True Believer ……..A Friend

Mr. Gemelli and his firm were truly supportive and compassionate. During a horrible time in our lives he never gave up and fought like no other for what was right. He saved my children from my ex. I now have custody of all 3 of my children which is not common for a man. When I went through a major financial hardship, Mr. Gemelli unlike any other lawyer I have ever known, didn’t give up on me and work with me until the very end. My family and I are truly grateful for all he has done for us.

- (5 star review)

John Gemelli is an expert matrimonial attorney and champion of children’s rights.

John Gemelli is an expert in the field of matrimonial law. He is a champion for the rights of children. My son is severely disabled. Initially, my ex did not want to help me support him. John’s tenacity in fighting for everything that our son needed from therapy to tutoring has allowed our son to soar in life. He is an expert trial attorney with a great track record of success. John and his staff paid attention to every detail of my case. John is an excellent trial attorney and had command of the court room when he appeared on my case. John was relentless in the court room to fight for my son’s rights. His junior staff attorney Emily Walsh was patient and had an exceptional gift for communicating every detail of my case. They answered over 100 e-mails. Her communication and patience with my ex along with John’s expertise and command of the court room was priceless. John’s support staff including his investigator helped me to get excellent results in my divorce .I highly recommend John!

- (5 star review)

A wonderful lawyer

I first met David through the office he works in that did a wonderful job in ending a long contentious divorce. David was instrumental in preparing the final papers that gave me tons of benefits and protections. Recently, because of an unexpected change in circumstances, David represented me in negotiations with my ex’s new attorney to successfully negotiate a deal which erased the bulk of my debt, placed me in the black, shortened the term of my support, and reduced my monthly outlay to my ex. His final solution was Solomon like. David was professional to all concerned throughout and he is highly recommended for matrimonial representation, contested, uncontested – mediation resolution- or otherwise

- (5 star review)

Divorce Representation

I was represented by Mr. Gross for the final 2 years of my 4 year divorce proceedings (the previous lawyers of the firm representing me had moved on before I was able to complete the divorce) and he was able to help me resolve the divorce to my satisfaction – I got very close to what I believed I was due.
He was able to give me realistic advice, point me in the direction I needed (not wanted) to go, and listen to me when I had a point where I believed I was right. He was honest when it came to points where I was not going to win. I appreciated that he didn’t drag out any of the fights or back and forth that would have easily pushed my legal bills higher, and there were specific times he said we should hold off on pursuing a certain course of action so we could avoid high legal costs. While in the end it was the opposition who determined the necessity of some of the actions, David helped me keep things to a minimum.
I would definitely recommend him and the law firm to anyone who is going through a divorce.

- (5 star review)

Great lawyer

I contacted David about representation for my pre-nuptial agreement. In the process of finding representation, I called several other lawyers but David seemed like the best choice. He offered a fair price and was very upfront about the prenup agreement process and the services he offered. Once hired, we had an initial consultation to review what should be considered for a prenup and for him to review the document my now wife and I created. Once in his hands, he was very prompt and diligent in his review. He offered sound suggestions that we wouldn’t have considered and made the process very easy to work through. Ultimately after finalizing the document with my wife’s lawyer, we got it signed. This whole process was not something I was looking forward to. I thought I would get lost in the trees but David made it very simple finalize and I couldn’t recommend him more.

- (5 star review)

Very helpful

David was a very thorough mediator. He made sure that everything was understood and followed up on every point. Even after the papers were signed David made sure to connect and find out if anything was left open.

- (5 star review)

Easy and Stress Free

Working with David was a pleasure, he listened to our thoughts, concerns and wishes. He than gave his advice on what he heard and with in days we had a prenuptial agreement completed. David did not waste our time or money and was very knowledgeable. Thank you David!

- (5 star review)


Hello, Mr. Gross was extremely helpful and attentive to all my questions and concerns. He and his staff always responded to me quickly and explained everything to me in detail. Mr. Gross was a pleasure to work with through a very difficult time in my life. I highly recommend David. I appreciate all he has done for me.

- (5 star review)

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10.0John A. Gemelli
10.0David M. Gross